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Custom Pathways & Patios

Over the years, Grassroots Landscaping has been offering high-grade landscaping and lawn care services to commercial enterprises and homeowners in Kelowna. This has earned us a name as the best landscapers in British Columbia and beyond. 

We understand how life is busy. We know the relief and joy that would come your way if you just found one contractor who does all your work right. Although we are a one-stop shop for all your landscaping wishes and needs, one thing we’ve really specialized in most is providing pathway and patio solutions.

Grassroots Landscaping has been creating custom patios and pathways to transform utilitarian outdoor spaces into a welcoming and attractive area. Our creativity in this area ensures that there are limitless options for you to choose from.

If you want to expand your livable space, engage our exceptional custom pathway and patio installation services to get the best results. We have enough manpower and equipment to handle all sizes and types of projects within the shortest time possible without compromising on quality.



We pride ourselves in our customer care service agents. They are always there for you. Treating you with extraordinary courtesy, they ensure that you’re happy and satisfied at all times. Don’t be afraid to ask us anything that concerns our work as the project progresses. We value you more than your money.

There’s nothing that makes us happier than when our clients find fulfillment in our services. That’s why we do not ask for full payment until you’re satisfied with our work. If you’re not, then feel free to ask us to redo it. We’ll gladly accept. However, this doesn’t usually happen because we always give our clients the best of us.

Get Quality Patios and Pathways

We use paving stones and hydrapressed slabs to provide a durable and beautiful alternative to most poured concrete patios and pathways. There’s a broad selection of patterns, colors, and styles, so it’s easy to choose a product that best suits you.
If you’re looking for a perfectly natural look or an outstanding array of colors for your patio or pathway, we can use natural stone products or flagstone. We ensure there’s proper compaction and drainage during construction so that you have long-lasting and beautiful results.

Choose From Our Designs

We know that your old, cracked concrete is expensive to maintain. That’s why Grassroots Landscaping offers to replace it with eco-friendly pavers. However, we do more than just replacing. We add an aesthetic value to your outdoors by introducing elements such as BBQ and firepits. Here are some of our suggestions:

Entry walkways:

Custom paver pathways that lead to your front door create an impressive curb appeal in your outdoor space. Matching it with a great driveway can even make it better.
Garden walkways: Your backyard garden can turn into a splendid design element when we introduce paver pathways therein. The walkways can meander throughout. Match it with paver garden walls and the look is perfect.

Custom patios:

We create patios of all sizes and dimensions with your selected paver color and style. We also include design elements of your choice in the pavers themselves.

Specialty patios:

We can create a specialty patio with firepits, BBQs, sinks, refrigerators, workspaces, pizza ovens, and much more. That can make your outdoor space dreams come to life.

For all your Pathway & Patio needs In kelowna, BC.