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Landscaping Design

For years, Grassroots Landscaping has been offering creative and high-quality landscape designs for people living in Kelowna and the neighboring areas. Homeowners and commercial companies that have hired us have always found out that their landscapes became better with less spending.

Every architect on our team is constantly striving to find something new, wonderful, and unique in their designs. The rave of reviews that we receive convinces us that we’re on the right track. Although we appreciate the colorful changes that go along with the creation of beautiful environments, we emphasize constant quality.

Whether you’re just sprucing up your outdoors or doing a complete remodel, our approach always has the same high-quality standards. We are great at doing our work and it speaks for itself. The resulting lush lawn spaces and creative plantings make your home nothing short of outstanding. You’d be glad you engaged us.

Our exceptional topographic design skills and capabilities make us your best choice when it comes to landscaping providers. We grade your land and assess the soil in the process of planning and designing your home. We also have proper equipment for every type of task, including grading and excavation.


Kelowna Landscaping Experts

Our Landscaping Design Services

We deliver quality landscaping services on time and at affordable prices. Our team of highly skilled and experienced experts can transform your outdoor spaces into what you’ve always dreamt of. We believe that you deserve a landscaping design that’ll wow every person who visits your home.

We offer the following landscaping services:

  • Complete or partial lawn and garden landscaping
  • Stone pathway creation to add to your property that natural texture and protect your green areas where there’s high traffic
  • Retaining walls to define distinct planting areas or add visual interest
  • Patio spaces to mark eating or entertainment areas
  • Water features like waterfalls and ponds to add aesthetic value to your home and provide a soothing sound of water
  • Hand-drawn blueprints for brand new gardens and the renovation and update of the existing landscapes. We believe you should have a good plan before starting any major project. We tailor the blueprints to your preferred landscape features and taste of plants. We work together with you to determine the most suitable look and style for your home’s outdoor space.
  • Choosing unique plants. Our peculiar plant choices that thrive in your area ensure that your home is unlike any other. We avoid designing with plants that others commonly use for their gardens. We want your neighbors and friends alike to be stopping by just to admire your dazzling outdoor space. With us, you’re sure of having at least one plant that you can’ find in the ordinary everyday landscape.
  • Proper landscape lighting to accentuate some of your landscape design’s features and increase outdoor space usage in the evenings. We can make your garden as unique as it is elegant by strategically placing some LED lights on your premise. Especially, lights and shadows in landscapes create depth and interest. This adds character, curb appeal, and offers safety to your property. The right lighting can help in displaying your garden’s beauty while illuminating your walkways for people to walk on at night.

Topographical Design

If you begin with a simple drawing of your existing landscape, known as a base map, you lay the groundwork for an organized approach to more doable and affordable landscape improvements.

To determine specific goals for your outdoor space and develop a suitable plan that meets your expectations and budget, we meet you for a complimentary consultation. After evaluating your property, soil, and climate conditions, we create a beautiful and colorful garden that looks fabulous in every season.

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Every customer who wants to have an exceptional outdoor space looks for Grassroots Landscaping. By choosing us, all the dreams you have for your outdoors can come to reality. Our skills, experience, and reputation speak volumes. We are simply the best landscapers in town.

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