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Kelowna Irrigation Systems

For many years, Grassroots Landscaping has been the leading company in British Columbia’s Kelowna city in providing quality landscape designs. Both homeowners and commercial enterprises have found out that our services are top-notch and affordable. That’s why everyone is looking for us.

One of the things we’ve ensured that it works right is the way of watering your garden. We know that a well-designed and functional irrigation system helps to keep your landscape in a healthy condition during the dry summer months.

Grassroots Landscaping can install complete watering systems for your whole landscape and lawn. We can also do some modifications to add new zones to your existing system so that it can accommodate changes in seasons or a change in landscaping.


Whether you’re seeking to install a new irrigation system for your residential home or commercial premises, we are the landscaping company you should contact. We can set up your sprinkler network utilizing water-wise conservation principles.

However, we do not just install a garden watering system. We also explain to you how it works. We teach you how to operate it and do anything necessary to keep your system in proper working condition. This is our way of dealing with our clients.

We also provide repair and maintenance services for all types and brands of irrigation systems. Contact us and we’ll ensure that your system works at maximum efficiency to avoid over-watering and under-watering. We usually abide by good water conservation practices. Our repair services ensure that your system is working properly.

Experience exceptional customer services when you work with us. Our dedicated service agents are always available to provide solutions to any questions you have. All our clients love the way we handle them.


Irrigation Installation

We offer professional irrigation installation services for residential and commercial customers around Kelowna city. Our professionals evaluate your landscaping and lawn when designing and setting up your watering system. Whether it’s a new irrigation installation or a modification to the existing one, contact us for an exceptional job.

Irrigation Maintenance Services

Grassroots Landscaping can service and repair every type and brand of irrigation and sprinkler system for residential and commercial purposes. If need be, we can inspect, test, and repair anything that’s wrong with your systems so that they can work properly. Contact us and learn more about our services.

Irrigation Company Kelowna

  • Irrigation start-up
    We perform this service in the spring so that your watering system is ready for the dry summer months. Our irrigation start-up services include replacing the clock’s battery, turning on the water, and checking your sprinkler heads to make sure they’re sprinkling water evenly in each zone. We also set the watering schedule during this service. It includes the times or days of the week that the watering system can water.
  • Inspection
    We perform all the necessary inspections for your system just to ensure all its components are functioning properly. We inspect head coverage and modify run times if need be during these services. At the time of inspection, we also determine if your irrigation systems require repairs. We repair anything that isn’t working properly so that you can have an efficient watering system.

Rainwater Harvest System Installation

Our services go beyond installing some pipes and sprinklers. We can also install and maintain your rainwater harvest systems. This helps you collect or harvest any rainwater that hits your roof for storage and usage. This enables you to keep your bills at a minimum and that you’re never short of this commodity.


For all your Irrigation Installation Needs In Kelowna, BC.